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Membership Details and Specials!

February Membership campaign: MyFriendMPI

Refer a Friend – When a new member joins and uses the code MyFriendMPI they will receive $50 off their membership. The new member should list the referring member on the application and the current member will also receive a $25 referral credit that they may apply towards their next renewal.

MPI Membership Pays Off! Refer a friend to MPI and you both save $$$! Friends waive the $50 application fee while YOU save $25 off your next membership renewal.

General Information:

All memberships are handled through the MPI office in Dallas. Once you join the international organization, MPI will assign you to the chapter of your choice. It takes approximately 30 days for the entire process. Once MPI notifies the chapter that you have joined, MPI KBC will add you to the local database. At that time, you will begin to receive all e-communications from the chapter. Your membership will also be announced in the chapter's e-newsletter. 

MPI membership belongs to the individual supplier or planner who originally joins the association, even if the employer paid for it. If the employer pays for the membership and the member leaves their organization, the employer is eligible to receive a trial three-month "limited membership". After the three-month trial, the member is expected to pay full annual dues to continue the membership. Please call Member Services at 972-702-3053 for details. 

Member dues are non-refundable and are due annually on the anniversary date of acceptance. Dues quoted are subject to change. Annual membership includes a $99 USD annual subscription to The Meeting Professional magazine. Approximately 18% dues are rebated to local chapters for membership support and education.  

New Membership applications will be made available here soon.  Go to to apply online or to download the latest applications.

Questions concerning membership should be directed to:

Natasha Stamper Pedigo, Director of Member Recruitment 

Kathleen Cummins, Vice President of Membership

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