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Do You Have Leadership Potential? (copy)


Has anyone ever commented that you might be a great leader?

Are you already a great leader? 

Can you ignite Passion in others? 

Do you have a friend who is a great leader? 

MPI KBC is accepting nominations for the 2018-2019 Board of Directors. The term will start on July 1, 2018 and end on June 30, 2019. Any current chapter member is eligible to apply. 

As a Board member, you will be part of a team that develops and executes strategies that focus on chapter growth and ensuring that the needs of the membership base are met. Our friend and President-Elect, Duncan Hines, will be at the helm guiding the team. 

Board participation is a big responsibility, but it is also a very rewarding experience. You will develop deeper relationships with peers in our industry. You will gain insight into a different style of leadership (leading volunteers). You will have FUN! 

Now, some of the nuts and bolts of serving on the MPI KBC Board of Directors. There are 6-7 Board Meetings a fiscal year (most are immediately preceding the educational meetings). There are two Board retreats a year (typically December for ~ 1 day and May/June for 2 days). The members like to see Board members at events, so it is important that good Board representation is visible at all events. You won't do it all by yourself. The Board itself acts as a team that supports each other. Each Board member also leads a team of volunteers.   

To nominate yourself or someone else, click here and fill-out the short online form by January 17th. If you are interested in more detailed job descriptions, please click here. The current Board positions are listed below:

President-Elect: Must have served in 1 (and preferably 2) VP roles.

VP of Finance: Oversees the financial management of the chapter. This role has 3 Board Directors underneath it. 

1. Director of In-Kind Sponsorships: Leads a team to secure in-kind sponsors for monthly meetings, evening networking receptions, Bravo and Raffle Items. Ensures that marketing benefits for sponsors are fulfilled.

2. Director of Auctions: Oversees efforts for all chapter auctions.

3. Director of Special Events: Plans and executes logistics for networking events, such as the holiday party and Bravo. 

VP of Membership: Leads 2 Directors (Recruitment and Member Care) to grow membership and to ensure that members are happy.

1. Director of Recruitment: Recruits new members.

2. Director of Member Care: Takes care of the members.

VP of Education: Oversees all logistics pertaining to educational meetings, including programming and development of strategic educational goals. Leads Director of Programming.

1. Director of Programming: Sources speakers and handles all logistics pertaining to speakers. 

VP of Communication: Oversees communication efforts of the chapter.

Director of Fun: Hospitality is a cornerstone of this position.

Director of Mid-America Conference: Project based position that oversees the planning of the Mid-America Conference with the Co-Director from the Ohio chapter.

If you have any questions, please contact Greg Jewell, CMP at 502-456-1851 ext.1 or via email at

Thank You from the Nomination's Committee,

Julie Kirkpatrick--Immediate Past President and Chair of Nomination's Committee

Duncan Hines--President-Elect

Diana Spina--Committee Member Extraordinaire and a Past President of MPI-KBC

Becky Trimble--Commitee Member Extraordinaire